Professional First Aid Training

Here at Walc Ltd, we believe in making sure that our learners go away feeling confident and supported in their new roles as First Aiders, even beyond the classroom.

Each learner is provided with  personal login details to Pro-training once they sign up with us, which on completion of the course will allow them to download their first aiders manual.

On line videos help the learners keep practices fresh in their memories, so that they feel competent in their new roles as First Aiders at work, employees can sign up to new courses that will further their knowledge and they will receive a reminder when they need to re-train, so they are always compliant.

Becoming a First Aider at Work, is an important role for anyone to take on and as such needs a course that reflects that importance. Whether you are a member of an office team or a caregiver in a home or just a conscientious member of the public, your ability to deliver first aid to someone in need effectively is what here at Walc Ltd we aim to do.


Providing specialised training

Our trainers have experience in other services such as the firebrigade and specialised health care for Learning disabilities

First aid courses that support you in your role beyond the classroom. Below you will find a small sample of what we can offer

  • CPR/Basic Life Support & AED Level2 (VTQ)
  • Pediatric Basic Life Support (BLS) Level 2 ( VTQ)
  • First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ)-FAW
  • Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ)-FAW
  • EFAW-F for Forestry Level 3 (VTQ)
  • Basic Life Support & AED for Healthcare Professionals Level2 ( VTQ)

Have questions?

Your local team of first aid trainers are available to answer your questions and work with you to design a customised plan training that is right for you or your company.

Free download resources

Walc is proud to offer the following resources for your personal use completely free of charge.